IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report is a bleak reminder of Government's inaction on climate change

27 September 2013: In light of the shocking Fifth Assessment Report released by the IPCC today, the Environmental Pillar is demanding that the government take urgent action to meet the biggest challenge of our time.
Environmental Pillar spokesperson Michael Ewing said: “Ireland and other high-income OECD countries must take responsibility for ambitious emissions reductions by 2020 – of 30% for Ireland – and aim for a carbon neutral economy by 2050.’
‘The climate change we have already caused is having very serious impacts on such fundamentals as food security, water management, coastal management, tree cover, peatland and biodiversity protection, tourism and settlement planning. These mitigation and adaptation challenges need to be addressed urgently both for our own self interest but also because of Ireland’s tradition of solidarity with the world’s poor who are being hit first and hardest by climate change, despite having done least to cause it.
“We demand that the Government bring forward a Climate Bill adequate to the challenge with targets for 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050,’ said Mr Ewing.
“We also urge Minister Phil Hogan to go to Warsaw ready to press hard for a strong agreement; this will include demonstrating a personal commitment to climate justice by his inclusion of a Climate Fund in Ireland’s Climate Bill.”