Environmental Pillar calls on RTE to deal with Science and not Fiction

RTE Primetime Tuesday 18 March

14 March 2014: Following RTE Primetime’s decision to give climate change “sceptics” equal representation on a show discussing climate change, the Environmental Pillar has called on RTE to deal with the reality of the situation.
“This is not Public Service broadcasting”, said Michael Ewing, of the Environmental Pillar
“Primetime is just chasing ratings and hoping for a Punch and Judy show. Yet again it is trivialising serious subjects and evading its public service obligations” he continued.
RTE is avoiding the real issue by giving credence to so called “climate sceptics”. Climate change is accepted by 99.9% of scientists worldwide. Of the 9,136 peer-reviewed scientific articles on climate change published in 2013, only 1 was written by a climate sceptic. Yet RTE persists in giving sceptics credence. This is not balance.
RTE has an obligation to the public to provide fair and balanced programming. Prime Time is a trusted brand and if climate sceptics are given publicity on its show, the public will be misled into thinking that this is real science.  The public needs to see a calm discussion of the facts of climate change, how mankind is responsible for it, what we can still do to mitigate against further change, and how we are going to adapt to its very grave consequences.
Mr Ewing said, “This issue needs a genuine and serious debate. Unlike the economy there is no bailout for the environment.”