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A letter to the editor of the Irish Daily Mail

Many Daily Mail readers may oppose plans to survey the frog population of Ireland. The Environmental Pillar respects those views, which spring from a deep sense of the importance of prioritising public spending in times of crisis. However, the outcry and front page headlines have made it difficult to separate fact from fiction. Fiction No. […]

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Carbon Tax will lead to improvements in quality of life

The Environmental Pillar of social partnership has welcomed the introduction of a carbon tax in the budget. In its pre-budget submission it had called for a shift from taxes on income to “progressive and just” taxes on consumption of natural resources. The provision for the fuel poor and vulnerable was also welcomed. Its position is […]

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Policy Statement on the Flooding Crisis November 2009

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Policy Statement on the Flooding Crisis November 2009 – A call for a comprehensive and systemic review 3rd Dec 2009 Introduction If there’s anything to be learned from the ongoing catastrophic flooding events happening across Ireland, it’s that we need to work with nature not against it to prevent further disaster. This has been the […]

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Budget must not jeopardize the environment

Social Partners, the Environmental Pillar, say that the hard economic decisions to be taken in the December budget must only be taken when they have been placed in their environmental context. In its pre-budget submission to the Minister of Finance it has offered solutions which allow the government to act sensibly in the context of […]

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Environmental Pillar Submission on the Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes (McCarthy Report)

Download the Environmental Pillar Submission on the Report of the Special Group on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes (McCarthy Report)

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Submission on the Report on Public Service Numbers and Expenditure Programmes

Ireland faces two major and interlinked crises, firstly an environmental one and secondly an economic one. Whilst it is clear that a very serious economic crisis is upon us, with unfortunately many thousands of people unemployed, the consequences of rapid climate change and general environmental degradation are likely to be far worse. [button href=”http://environmentalpillar.ie/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Environmental-Pillar-Submission-on-the-Report-of-the-Special-Group-on-Public-Service-Numbers-and-Expenditure-Programmes.pdf” title=”Title” […]

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Submission to Agri-Environment Scheme

Submission to Agri environment Scheme Date 4 th September 2009

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Agenda 21 must form the core of programme for government say Irish environment groups

Coherent implementation of Agenda 21 must form the core of the new programme for government in order to provide the radical change needed to ensure a sustainable future for Irish society Irish environment groups warned in Dublin today. Agenda 21 is a UN supported roadmap to sustainability. The Environmental Pillar, the representative body for twenty eight of […]

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Proposals for the Programme for Government

The continuing success of human society and social systems depends fundamentally on the preservation of the overall productivity, health and long term sustainability of the ecosystems and environmental services that underpin and supply many of the most basic components of human welfare such as healthy soils, clean water and clean air. These are the real […]

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