Response to Climate Change Legislation

Climate change remains the defining challenge of our age. The Environmental Pillar shares the National Economic and Social Council’s analysis (NESC Report 117, page xvi.) that “addressing it will have far reaching economic and social effects”, that Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions target for 2020, yet to be finalised”, “will pose considerable challenges” and, most significantly, […]

Policy Statement on the Flooding Crisis November 2009
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Policy Statement on the Flooding Crisis November 2009 – A call for a comprehensive and systemic review 3rd Dec 2009 Introduction If there’s anything to be learned from the ongoing catastrophic flooding events happening across Ireland, it’s that we need to work with nature not against it to prevent further disaster. This has been the […]

Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership: Briefing Paper 1
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Follow the link below to download the Environmental Pillar’s briefing paper. This briefing paper addresses the following issues: an environmentally sustainable economy; climate change; biodiversity; planning; water; waste; and transport. briefing paper environmental pillar of social partnership (Posted on April 8, 2009)